General Luna Band

Posted by Windpain in Mar 09, 2011, under Banda

General Luna is composed of Audry Dionisio on rhythm guitar, Bea Lao on drums, Caren Mangaran on lead guitar, Alex Montemayor on bass and Nicole Asensio on lead vocals. The band was born, one may say, out of luck and perfect timing. Just as they were starting out, Warner Music was scouting for a group who can really rock out and at the same time, give a new face to the usual façade of rock n’ roll. But why the name General Luna? Vocalist Nicole Asencio says, “It has nothing to do with Gen. Antonio Luna.” It’s a combination of the words General which is masculine, and Luna which is feminine – a balance of the 2 concepts.

One good way to sample General Luna’s music is by the single “Red Heaven” – a combination of loud guitar riffs and catchy melodic verses, which tells about the stomach churning experience of a nightmare. With the single’s steady climb to number 1 on NU107’s chart Stairway to Seven, the band and listeners alike proved that their music truly deserves a spot in the local music scene along with other serious rock acts in the country.
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